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Lounge Windows

What style to go for

Whether your sitting room is a place where you relax after a long day or an elegant space where you entertain friends, it’s always going to be an important space. Once the ‘front room’ was a pristine sanctum where you only allowed ‘important visitors’; now it’s more likely to be much more laid back and relaxed but all the same, it’s probably your most public room.

Choosing the perfect fabric

When choosing curtains for your living room it’s important to know just what you’re getting. Pick your favourite fabrics and we’ll send you swatches for free so that you can see and feel them in your own light and against other elements of your decoration. Imagine how your room will look and feel with new colours and fabrics before making your final decision.

Made to measure or ready made?

All of our ready made curtain range come with the option of cotton or blackout lining; our made to measure curtains offer more choice with options of interlining and thermal lining, all of which will make a big difference to heat insulation in your room. Your choice of fabric and lining will affect how light filters into your room. Cotton linings are designed to let light filter through; black out lining will block light completely. We can also send you samples of our linings for you to put against your favourite fabrics while you decide which fabric and lining combinations work for you.

Still looking for inspiration?

We’ve got lots of ideas for sitting room curtains and blinds, not just the ones here in our image gallery but lots more on our Pinterest pages. There are a myriad of possibilities to make your curtain treatments individual. You can combine curtains and blinds for a layered look or add the element of sheer voiles. You can also choose different heading types to achieve just the look you want.