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Door Curtains

A curtain over a door is a fabulous way to prevent drafts and to help keep your home insulated. They also look fabulous and make a wonderful addition to your interior. We have loads of ideas for you to browse on our Pinterest pages.

Made to Measure

Usually, all of our curtains come as a pair – that includes ready made curtains and made to measure – unless you specify that you want a single curtain in the case of made to measure. When asked for the quantity while processing your order, ‘1’ will mean one pair of curtains. If you do want a single curtain then go to the made to measure section of the website and select ‘single curtain’. Unfortunately our ready made curtains are only available in pairs.


Any of our fabrics would be suitable for a door curtain- it's really up to you what style you are looking for. Traditionally a door curtain might be made with a heavy fabric such as velvet or a heavy cotton but with our range of linings, any fabric can be made with super insulating properties so don't let fabric restrict your choice. Alternatively you might choose a light voile or unlined curtains over French windows or any other door where you want the light to filter through. Order some free fabric samples from us to help you make up your mind on your perfect fabric.


All of our made to measure curtains can be made with a range of linings including thermal and blackout lining so your door curtain will have super heat insulating properties. We also offer interlining (3 layers) which will add thickness and body to your curtains. We’ve got lots of options on lining combinations so if you'd like advice, just call us on 01394 775670.

Other options?

If you don’t want to go for a full door curtain, the other option is to have a roman or roller blind to cover a door window. All our blinds also have the option of various linings so you’ll still reap the benefits and keep drafts out.