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Children's Rooms

What to Choose

Childrens’ own personal space is important to them and they love to have a hand in choosing the decoration for their room. You might not love all of their choices but we’re sure you’ll find a fabric from amongst our huge choice that you will both love. We’ve picked up loads of ideas that we’ve put on Pinterest- we love a bit of inspiration from others!

Make it Bespoke

We can create the perfect curtains and blinds for you with our made to measure service. This gives you a choice of a host of fabrics and complete control over what you order. We also offer a gorgeous range of ready made curtains, including in some fabulous colourful stripes which young people will love. We even had one customer customise her own ready made curtains with stencils and fabric paint! Great idea we think!

Bedrooms for Sleep

All of our curtains and blinds can be made with a choice of linings but we find that blackout lining is a real winner for children’s rooms as it blocks out light completely so it lets them sleep longer and for young children, doesn’t affect an early bed time. Blackout lining also has thermal qualities so it will help keep your child’s room cosy.