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Pantone’s colour of the year: 2017

This year’s colour of the year is a little unusual and, at first glance, might not seem especially attractive if you’re looking to wear this colour, or indeed decorate your home in it! But we’re here to convince you that there’s room for a little Greenery in your home. Hue aside for a moment, the concept behind the colour is an appealing one. Greenery, or 15-0343TCX for textiles nerds, was chosen by Pantone to reflect the need for the calmness brought about by nature during what is, without doubt, a rather turbulent time politically, economically, environmentally and so on. The psychology behind green is clear, hence the historical and frequent use of the “Green Room” in a theatre, designed as somewhere for the actors to relax before a performance, green evokes calm, peace, nature and healing. Have a look around you: how many company logos do you see that are green? I can count 3 without even moving from my seat or the open windows in my browser.

Why? Because green denotes trust, reliability and assurance.

You can read more about Pantone’s colour of the year and see their suggested complimentary colour palettes here, but in the meantime let’s have a look at home this year’s biggest shade will work in your home:

Clockwise from top left: House plants are a cheap and quick way to add a splash of green to your living space; this carpeted staircase really brightens a large hallway; a front door painted in Farrow & Ball’s Yeabridge Green looks so chic; Cotton viscose Loana fabric by Aradonis Weaves can be used for soft furnishings and upholstery; silk Santicelli fabric by Majella Silks is traditional and elegant; this textured cushion would brighten up a neutral sofa; a green wall makes the perfect background to an eclectic picture collection; various green sneakers.




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