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Curtains To The Rescue – How To Reduce Your High Energy Bills

Cold Is Coming! Warm up with thermal curtains...

Cold is coming! Warm up with thermal curtains…

There’s no getting away from the cold now.  The heating sputters into life every morning as I leap out of bed ready to forge through the day.  As you draw back your curtains or lift up your blinds in the morning to cast your bleary eyes over the new dawn, you need to ask yourself a question;

‘Sure, my curtains are keeping the light out (not that there’s much about at this ungodly hour) but are they keeping me as toasty as they could be?’

If you’re not sure about it, then the answer is most likely ‘no’.  Curtains or Blinds can be thermally lined or interlined to keep a lot more heat in your room than a standard lined pair of curtains.  A new pair of curtains may seem like a big investment but it’s a simple and beautiful way to combat the increasing cost of energy bills and get some extra toastiness in your life.  To back up the obvious, a 2008 study at the Caledonian Glasgow University showed in a very scientific way that a heavy pair of curtains reduces heat loss through your windows by 14% and a double glazing/curtains combination reduces heat loss by a whopping 66% when compared to a single pane window.  Whether you’re worried about global warming, the cost of your energy bills or both (or even if you just want a new pair of curtains and need to give yourself good reason..), these are big numbers that translate into proper savings and energy efficiency improvements.  So, although it might seem like an extravagance in these gloomy times, a good pair of curtains is a sensible investment and a very attractive way of staying warm, cutting down your heating bills, saving the planet and snazzing up your home – all at the same time.  Compelling eh?  You can read more and get free fabric samples here.

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