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Blackout Lining

Waking up too early or having trouble paying your nightly visit to the land of nod? Blackout lining creates a nice dark room to help you snooze away as late as you like.

All our fabrics can by lined with a blackout lining, you can browse them and order free samples by clicking here.

Alternatively you can browse our ready made curtains, all available with blackout lining by clicking here.

How much light will blackout curtains actually block out?

Blackout lining is completely opaque and will cut out all the light.  Some light may be visible on the edges of your curtain or blind. For roman blinds, some pinpricks of light will be visible where the fabric is sewn to the battens.

How can blackout curtains help me save money on my energy bills?

Blackout lining has thermal retention properties, meaning that it keeps the heat in your home, in your home. Tests have shown that 80% of energy is lost through your windows and that good quality blackout curtains can help retain 30% of that heat. In short, you could save as much as 20% off your annual utility bill, simply by fitting blackout curtains throughout the house (according to University of Strathclye study).

In addition, for added effectiveness you can get your curtains interlined, in conjunction with a blackout lining. An interlined and blackout curtain or Roman blind will help to keep even more heat in, at the same time as giving your curtains a fuller and plumper look.

Do blackout curtains help cut out noise pollution?

A big problem for people living on busy streets is noise. Although no formal research has been carried out to test the effectiveness of blackout curtains against noise pollution, most of the feedback we get from our customers with our blackout curtains tells us that they’re an ideal way to block out some of the unwanted noise.

Aren’t blackout curtains going to be expensive?

Our blackout lining is just a little bit more expensive than standard cotton lining, but the added benefits – both short term with regards to the light and noise, and long term when you inevitably start saving money on your energy bills – are going to be well worth the investment.

What is blackout lining made from and what colours does it come in?

Blackout lining is made using a poly/cotton mix (blackout lining made from 100% natural materials doesn’t yet exist). The fabric is then coated in an acrylic layer to increase its light-blocking properties. We offer white and off-white colour blackout lining and we choose the best colour to match the fabric you’ve chosen.

Will my curtains hang well with blackout lining?

Lots of people considering getting blackout curtains are concerned by the way that their curtains will hang with blackout lining. Don’t be. Blackout lining is a fraction of a millimetre thicker than cotton lining and will hang well.

Are there any downsides of having a blackout lining?

The only consideration which may make a difference to the look you're creating is how your blackout curtain or Roman blind will look during the day.  Light will not pass through the curtains at all so if you want a look with light streaming through the fabric during the sunny days, blackout may not be the choice for that room.  The lining itself has a stiffer feel to it than plain cotton or thermal lining. For this reason, it is typically used for bedrooms not living rooms.  If you are keen to use your curtains or Roman blind for heat retention in a living room, the thermal lining and interlining option would be the best choice because thermal lining is translucent as well as having heat retention properties.