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Bedroom Windows

Look and Feel

The ultimate place of rest and refuge, your bedroom décor needs to be just right. We have a wonderful range of fabrics for you to choose from including sumptuous velvets and stunning silks as well as fresh linens and cottons. Bold statement colours seem to be on trend at the moment, as do completely neutral spaces at the other end of the spectrum. In our view, it’s all about the colours and ambiance that make you happy, no matter what fashion dictates.

We've collected lots of ideas on our Pinterest board to inspire you, with all kinds of looks.

To help you make a decision on the right fabric for you, choose samples of your favourites and we’ll send them to you for free.

Think about how you want your curtains and blinds to look. Different weights of fabric will differ in how your curtains hang and we can adjust the fullness of your curtains with extra fabric or different types of lining.

Playing with Light

Curtains and blinds help you manage the way light comes into your room. It might be you want gently filtered light and might choose a sheer voile. If you like light to come through your curtains but want something with more body, choose cotton lining. If you want to block light completely, then choose blackout lining.

Keeping it cosy

All of our linings also offer heat insulating properties. Interlining (adding an extra layer of lining between the fabric and the backing lining) is by far the most effective way of providing insulation to your home. If you couple this with blackout or thermal lining, the thermal qualities are extremely effective.

If lining and interlining aren’t within your price range, extra thick thermal or extra thick thermal/blackout lining is also available through the made to measure section.