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Bay Windows

Here are some of our insights into curtains and blinds for bay windows born of years of experience in making made to measure items for bays big and small. We've also put together a Pinterest Board dedicated to Bay windows for a dose of inspiration!

Tracks & Poles

Bay windows are wonderful for adding extra space and light to a room. The tricky bit is finding tracks and poles that curve or bend round the corners. You can browse our selection of straight tracks and poles here on our website but we can source other options for you that bend round bays so give us a call to discuss on 01394 775670.

Bay Window Curtains

If you have a track or pole specifically designed for a bay window, it's usually possible to have a single pair of curtains going round the whole of your bay. Occasionally, it's advisable to have curtains in stages round your bay if you use sections of straight tracks or poles instead. Again, we can give you more advice over the phone, so give us a call to talk it through.

Another option is to put a curtain track or pole across the front of your bay which is simpler but when drawn will cut off the space behind the curtains from the rest of the room.

Roman or Roller Blinds

Instead of curtains some choose to have Roman or roller blinds made for each window. You could add to this look with dress curtains at the front of your bay, curtains which are designed only for show and do not close but add depth and a sense of cosiness to a room.


You can find advice for measuring for blinds in a bay window here. Bear in mind that the blind mechanisms do protrude from the wall or architrave and this will have an impact on measuring. Call us if you are at all unsure.

Fabric - the exciting bit!

Meanwhile, how to make the most of your bay window... We offer a huge number of fabulous fabrics in a range of wonderful colours. Whether you are looking for sumptuous silks or velvets or cool fresh linens or cottons, we’re sure we’ll have something that you’ll fall in love with. To see how your favourite fabrics look and feel, order some swatches from us and we’ll send them to you for free.