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Roman Blinds

classic made to measure roman blinds

Classic, simple, elegant. Hail Ceasar, we love Roman blinds! Buy our made to measure Roman blinds in a few simple clicks. We offer all the options including interlining and blackout lining as well as a choice of winding mechanisms.

Roman Blinds

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View our measuring instructions where you can print out all the information you need. Here we've condensed our measuring instructions into this easy-to-follow video.

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Your lining choice is an important part of your purchase.  For a thick Roman blind that hangs beautifully, our recommendation is to choose an interlined blind if your budget stretches that far.  Otherwise, the extra thick linings are the next best thing but at a lower price.

1. Single Layer Linings

Cotton lining
Our standard single layer cotton lining will protect the fabric from sunlight damage and give some extra body to your blind.

Thermal lining
A single layer thermal lining is similar to a plain cotton lining above but is coated with an insualting layer to offer extra thermal insulation.

Blackout lining
A single layer blackout lining is similar to a plain cotton lining but it is coated with a blackout layer to keep the light out.  It makes a good choice for a bedroom but it is a also a very good thermal insulator (better than the thermal lining above in fact) and protects your fabric from sun damage, so you get three perks for the price of one. Our blackout lining is white or ivory, not black.

2. Bonded Two Layer Linings

Extra thick thermal lining
Our extra thick thermal lining consists of a cotton lining bonded to a cotton wool-like middle lining. This double layer padded lining will help to keep the heat in and the cold out. Due to its extra weight, it also helps your blind hang well and look fuller, a major plus point considering the price. In our opinion, these are very good reasons to choose this lining.  A lot of blind without having to splash out.

Extra thick blackout lining
Our extra thick blackout lining consists of a blackout cotton lining bonded to a cotton wool-like middle lining. This double layer padded lining will block out all light and help to keep the heat in and the cold out. Due to its extra weight, it also helps your blind hang well and look fuller, a major plus point considering the price. As with the extra thick thermal lining, in our opinion, this is a great buy and a good way to get a great pair of curtains without breaking the bank.

3.Two layer linings (loose, not bonded)

Interlined & lined
An interlined blind is a classic blind .  The lining is made up of two layers, a standard lining (cotton, thermal or blackout as above) and a thicker cotton wool-like middle lining which is sandwiched between the main fabric and the back lining.  This thick double lining is popular because it makes your blind look fuller and really helps it to hang beautifully.  It has other benefits too such as keeping you really warm in winter, cutting out more light in the summer and providing fabric with extra protection against sun damage. The two layer lining can be heavy if you’ve used a heavy fabric as well – so make sure you have a strong pole or track in place.  A more expensive option but, because of the way they look, the extra warmth and their longevity,  a great choice of Roman blind for any room you spend a lot of time in or if you want your blind to last a very long time.

Interlined & thermal
As interlined & lined but with the added advantage of a thermal back lining for extra thermal insulation.  A great choice for blinds in any room you spend a lot of time in especially drafty ones.

Interlined & blackout
As interlined & lined but with the added advantage of a blackout back lining to cut out early morning light and give the best possible thermal insulation.  We consider this lining to be the best possible choice for your bedroom blinds .

Voiles and sheer fabrics are best left unlined so that the light can pass through them to give the desired light airy effect.  We do not recommend this for any other type of fabric because the blinds would not hang well, offer any thermal insulation and the fabric would be exposed to direct sunlight.

Other Linings
Our experienced team can make any lining so, if you can't find what you're looking for on the website, please call us.

Supersize Samples
If you need to see more of your fabric before you buy, you can get a supersize sample  - a 40x40cm piece of your chosen fabric.

Our standard Roman blinds are fitted with a classic cord and cleat system.  For a little extra  money you can choose a sidewinder mechanism which some people find easier to use.  A sidewinder is recommended for a long blind or a blind which is high up and out of reach.


Measure up for your curtains with our simple measuring instructions.  If you live in London, make life even easier with our new measuring service.

Flame Retardant Fabrics
Our fabrics aren't flame retardant. If you'd like the fabrics for your curtains or blinds to go through a flame retardant treatment for FR certification, you need to let us know before you place your order. There will be an extra charge for this. Alternatively we can also source manufactured flame retardant fabrics for your products - give us a call on 0845 5000 400 to discuss your options.

Questions & Advice
If you have any other questions about our products, please call us on 0845 5000 400 and we’ll be happy to help.

Our roman blinds are tailor made by our expert seamstresses to your precise specifications. Even so, we'll deliver your blinds to you within two to three weeks - about half the time of traditional blind makers. 

When your order is ready, we'll ship it straight out to you by courier. If you provide us with a mobile number, we'll drop you a text to give you a one-hour window in which your curtains will arrive. 

We're all about making life easy for you - so if you have a particular deadline or day that you'd like your order to arrive, give us a quick call and we'll do everything we can to help.

Note: We are exceptionally busy over the Christmas period, so Roman blinds may take between three and four weeks to arrive.

The roman blind is lovely and incredibly well made. The hanging instructions were very easy to understand and I had the blind up in about 20 minutes. It fits the window perfectly and feels like it will definitely keep the warmth in the bedroom in the winter. Thank you!
Darla W, North Wales

I just wanted to thank you for the superb blinds. We are really pleased at the quality, fit, and the quick and effortless service. Thank you.
Annabelle B, Suffolk

The Roman blind is great - a perfect colour match to our walls and the fitting was so easy. Many thanks!
Sally S, Twickenham

The safest and most efficient way of cleaning your curtains or blinds is to vacuum them in situ with a clean attachment.  However you may feel that your curtains need a deep clean after several years, in which case our curtains are dry clean only. This process can shrink the fabrics by up to 3%.  Our curtains or blinds should never go into a washing machine. Please note we take no responsibility for any shrinkage incurred should you wish to gently dry clean your curtains or blinds after a number of years.

Show the dry cleaner this symbol and they will know which treatment your curtains need.

We strive to deliver your fabric in the best possible condition. However, natural fabrics can crush easily, so there is a minor chance they could be slightly creased on arrival. We recommend you simply hang them up straight away and the creases will disappear before your eyes. Ironing the fabric could be damaging and ruin your curtains.

Natural fabrics can stretch over time, especially loose weave linens. This is hardly noticeable unless the length of your curtains or blinds is critical. The added length will ultimately depend on the fabric that you choose. If you have any concerns then please give us a call and we'll be happy to talk through your options with you.

Light Fastness and Fading
Our natural fabrics have varying degrees of light fastness depending on the range they are from. The best way to avoid fading and protect the colour of your fabric is to order a lined or interlined curtain.

Roman Blind Order Cancellations
Our aim is to make sure that you're fully satisfied with your purchase. If there's a problem with your blinds we'll always try and fix the issue, so please give us a call if you have any queries or concerns upon receiving your order.

If you do wish to cancel your order, we're happy to offer a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of payment being made. To do this, simply notify us by email.

If you wish to cancel your order after 24 hours, we'll refund as much as we can. Because of the bespoke nature of our products, manufacturing, material and cutting costs may have been incurred. We'll retain up to 50% of the cost and refund 50% back to you.

Roman Blind Returns and Refunds
If on receiving your order you feel there is a significant problem with the quality of your blinds, we'll do our utmost to fix it in our workshop. Unfortunately, we're unable to accept returns where the incorrect measurements have been provided – so make sure you measure in centimetres!

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