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Roller Blinds

made to measure roller blinds

Our roller blinds are made from gorgeous natural fabrics, no polyester here! So you can get the convenience and style of a roller blind without the plastic look. To top it off you can choose from a plain or blackout lining.

Roller Blinds

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how to measure for roller blinds

We advise using a metal tape measure for accuracy. Measurements should be in cm to the nearest 1/2 cm. Please double-check your measurements.

Note there is a gap of about 1.5cm from the edge of the fabric to the ends of the roller mechanism. If in any doubt about what to do, please call us for advice.


The three scenarios for measuring roller blinds are:

1. Inside Recess

Make sure that the recess is at least 6cm deep.
Otherwise the blind will protrude beyond the recess.

1. You need to measure width A-B. We need this measurement in full; do not reduce it.There will be a gap of about 1.5cm between the fabric and the recess wall which will allow some light through, even with a blackout lining.
2. Measure drop C-D
3. Note which side you would like the chain – right or left

2. Outside Recess

Decide on the amount of fabric to overlap the top and sides of the window recess. We recommend at least 5cm for the top and 6.5cm for the sides to minimise light leakage when using a blackout lining.

1. Measure the width A-B
2. Measure the drop C-D
3. Note which side you would like the chain – right or left

3. Fixed to Window Architrave (Frame)

 First, decide whether you want your roller blind to hang on the outside or inside of the window architrave.

1. Measure the width A-B
2. Measure the drop C-D

3. Decide which side you would like the chain – right or left


Plain lining
Our standard plain lining is laminated to the back of your fabric to make it flat and stiff so it works well on a roller system.  This clever process means you can use almost any curtain or blind material on a simple, modern roller blind system.

Blackout lining
Similar to the plain lining above but a blackout lining will block any light from passing through it.  This makes it a perfect choice for a bedroom because it stops the morning sun from disrupting your sleep.  It has the added advantage of having good thermal properties so it will keep your room warm and toasty too.

Supersize Samples
If you need to see more of your fabric before you buy, you can get a supersize sample - a 40x40cm piece of your chosen fabric).

Real fabric not plastic
We use real fabric when making our roller blinds, so they won’t have a plastic look unlike most roller blinds.  The fabric of your choice is laminated onto a lining layer which stiffens it and keeps it flat so it rolls up and down well on the roller mechanism.

Standard Roll and Reverse Roll
On a ‘standard’ roll, the fabric rolls off the back of the roll nearer the window pane, with the lining showing on the blind barrel. We recommend you choose ‘standard’ roll if you're concerned about light filtering into the room through the sides of the blinds.

On a ‘reverse’ roll, the fabric rolls off the front of the roll with the fabric showing on the blind barrel. The front of the blind is approximately 6cm from the window. This blind is not suitable if you are concerned about light filtering into the room through the sides of the blind.

Measure up for your curtains with our simple measuring instructions.  If you live in London, make life even easier with our new measuring service.

Questions & Advice
If you have any further questions about our products, please call us on 0845 5000 400 and we’ll be happy to help.

Our roller blinds are tailor made by our expert seamstresses to your precise specifications. Even so, we'll deliver your blinds to you within one to two weeks. 

When your order is ready, we'll ship it straight out to you by courier. We're all about making life easy for you - so if you have a particular deadline or day that you'd like your order to arrive, give us a quick call and we'll do everything we can to help.

I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my blinds. They have been made beautifully and fit so well. They were also packaged so well. Thank you very much and I will certainly be recommending you.
Lucy H, Basingstoke

The blinds are lovely thank you. So nice to have them with real fabric rather than the more usual plastic stuff. The curtains are also making a huge difference to the warmth of the room they are in.
Margaret A, London

Just to say I am delighted with the blind. Very good quality material and finishing and made exactly to the size I asked for. I couldn't be happier.
Julia T, Surrey


Roller Blind Order Cancellations
We hope that you're 100% happy with your order. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

If you do wish to cancel your roller blind order, we're happy to offer a full refund if you cancel within 24 hours of payment being made. To do this, simply notify us by email.

If you wish to cancel your order after 24 hours, we'll refund as much as we can. Because of the bespoke nature of our products, manufacturing, material and cutting costs may have been incurred. We'll retain up to 50% of the cost and refund 50% back to you.

Roller Blind Returns and Refunds
If you feel there is a significant problem with the quality of your blinds, we will do our utmost to fix it in our workshop. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns where the incorrect measurements have been provided – so make sure you measure in centimetres!

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