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Pole and Track Measuring

New! London measuring service. details here.

To work out the length of the pole or track, you need to take into account the space needed for the curtains to be drawn back either side of the window. If you do not allow for enough space, your curtains will partly block the window as they are drawn. As a general rule, we suggest the length of your pole/track is the width of the window frame or window recess plus 15cm to 20cm on either side.

All pole measurements are that of the pole only, so always check that there is space at the end of the pole for the finial (the decorative bit).

If you are unsure of the pole length to choose, then choose the longer size as most poles (but not tracks) can be cut down to size

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Tips and Suggestions

Choose lined & interlined if you want the classic curtain.

Use blackout lining if you would like to sleep longer.

Use thermal lining if you want to minimise your energy bills.