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Interlined Curtains

We make made to measure curtains and blinds in a wide range of gorgeous natural curtain fabrics.  All our curtains and Roman blinds can be made with a thick, insulating middle interlining layer. 

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If you know what interlined curtains are and you'd like to get on and get some FREE samples sent to you, you can browse our fabrics here. You can get a quote here.

Alternatively, our ready made curtains are all available in a one-layer thermal lined options, and we'll even finish them to you perfect length for free. Browse our full range by clicking here


If you don't know what interlined curtains are....

Curtains consist of two main parts - the 'face' fabric and the lining fabric(s).  The face fabric is the pretty fabric you've chosen to smarten up your room.  The lining layer is the back of the curtain, the side which faces the window and the side you can see if you were standing outside looking in.  A pair of curtains can have either a single lining layer or two lining layers.  In the case of two lining layers, the middle layer, sandwiched between the pretty face fabric and the back lining, is called an interlining.  An interlining is a thick cotton layer, similar in texture to cotton wool.  This curtain interlining does two things:

First, it keeps you warmer by insulating your room even more against the cold seeping in through the windows (it is very effective at this, especially if combined with a thermal back lining).  Second, due to its weight, it helps to make your curtains hang very well and makes the curtains thicker and more sumptuous looking.  The classic pair of curtains in fact.  We can also make you Roman blinds with an interlining as well.  The advantages are the exactly the same.

So, it's a good thing?

Yes, it's a very good thing.  It will cost you more to buy than a two layer curtain but we think it's money well spent, especially if you want the classic sumptuous made to emasure curtain look or if you want to warm up your home and cut down on your energy bills. You can read more about thermal curtains here.

Use Your Own Fabric!

If you can't find a fabric you like here, we can also make curtains or blinds from curtain fabric you buy elsewhere.  Please contact us on 01394 775 670 for details.

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Tips and Suggestions

Choose lined & interlined if you want the classic curtain.

Use blackout lining if you would like to sleep longer.

Use thermal lining if you want to minimise your energy bills.