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Curtains Are Green! Reduce Your Energy Bills

Using interlined or thermally lined curtains or Roman blinds is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to insulate your home. They cut your energy bills significantly, even during the long, cold winter months. They also reduce your electric bills in the summer by keeping out excessive heat. In addition, they keep out more light, as well as noise, than conventional window coverings with their extra “wadding”. Finally, they do all this, yet still look elegant on your windows.

The interlining is usually an extra padding that lies between the facing material and the inner lining. Thermal lining uses a special thermal layer specifically designed to restrict the flow of cold air into the room through the window, in the winter, and out the window, during the summer.

Roman blinds, by design, create a modern, elegant look to your house or apartment. Curtains create a classic look that brings dignity to your living space. When they are thermally lined, functionality and elegance come together to create a comfortably warm yet sophisticated interior environment. You can proudly entertain even the finickiest guests on the coldest evenings.As with regular curtains and Roman blinds, you can request any type of fabric for the facing material of your custom sewn thermally lined curtains and Roman blinds. And when made and cared for properly, they can last from ten to twenty years, thus further paying for themselves in addition to reducing your energy bills.

You can buy factory made interlined or thermally lined curtains and Roman blinds for less, while still being assured of the highest quality lined items on the market. However, custom designed Roman blinds assure that any window, regardless of proportion, will be precisely covered, corner to corner, with no embarassing gaps between the window frames and the blinds, or sloppy overlap because they are too wide for a particular window.

Additionally, a professional window attachments company will be aware that if you wish to have both the thermally lined curtains as well as the thermally lined Roman blinds, the latter cannot simply be hung on a rod over the window. Their professionals will know that if the curtain rod is placed above the Roman blinds rod over the window, it will not provide the necessary space between the two that would otherwise further help to trap cold air. And, of course, it will look extremely sloppy, which is not what you want for your interior environment.

Thermal lining for curtains and Roman blinds usually runs anywhere from 60 centimeters to 140 centimeters, but again, you can request whatever thickness suits your particular needs. So if you have windows facing north or northeast, you will probably want the curtains and Roman blinds that will be placed over them to be somewhat thicker than those facing south or southwest. In addition, if you have windows that are not on the first or second floor, but rather on a third, fourth, or higher floor, then again, you will want a thicker lining.

And despite the extra lining, Roman blinds can also still be designed with either narrow or wider pleats, depending on your taste. So, if you prefer wider pleats for the dining or living rooms, and narrower pleats for the bathrooms or kitchen, they work equally as well. You do not have to sacrifice warmth for beauty.

It is impressive that interlined or thermally lined curtains and Roman blinds can be so practical and cost effective, while at the same time be so sophisticated and unique. Speak with your window attachments professional to see what exciting creations they can design for you.

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